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My son ,Tulasidharan, has been a part of this wonderful place since it’s establishment. All my worries were put to ease within the first month of the start of school. The syllabus is amazingly challenging but truly taps the child’s potential. My son dislikes holidays and begs for the weekend to end so he can go back to school. The reason I was so convinced about this place was mainly because of the staff. The treat every child with the kind of love and respect a parent would demand for their kid. The most appealing part of this school is the Day care! I was incredibly tense to start day care after all the horror stories narrated to me by my colleagues, but Day care at Apple Tree is incredible! I felt awful having to leave my child till 5 pm, but when I would meet him at 5pm he would receive me with the biggest beaming smile (Something a child would do only if he/she has had a good day) and then I realized he was being looked after very very well at school! Care is taken that each child eats his lunch and I personally couldn’t be more happy! Thank you Apple Tree for being a school of true substantial education and care!

Meenakshi , Tulasidharan Mother.

  • Calendar icon March 10, 2015
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